Pick the Right Strategy

Discover Pick the Right Strategy

Different Families Need Different Strategies

As you participated in the discovery experiences, you may have noticed that your family tree has some missing information, or maybe you are simply wanting to find a name to take to the temple in order to receive the full blessings offered there.

Whether you fit either description, it is important to remember that everyone's family is different. There are several overarching principles that apply to everyone, but there are also different strategies to take depending on how your family tree looks.

Finding Strategies

Many Strategy

The "Many" Strategy

If Aunt Julie has traced your family back to Adam and your family history is "done," this strategy is for you.

Some Strategy

The "Some" Strategy

If your family tree doesn't fully list the first 5 or 6 generations of your ancestors yet, then use this strategy.

Some Strategy
None Strategy

The "None" Strategy

If you are new to family history, and your family tree displays no one but yourself, this strategy is your launching point.

LHF Part 1

Find, Take, Teach

No matter what your tree looks like, there are three overarching principles that will help you successfully participate in the full blessings of temple and family history work.

Find family members who are missing in the tree using the finding strategy that fits your situation.
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Take those missing family members to the temple and perform their saving ordinances with your family.
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Teach others to find family members who are missing in the tree and take them to the temple.
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