Promised Blessings of Family History

Low Hanging Fruit

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If you are a member of the LDS church who thinks your “family history work is done,” think again. Use this strategy to quickly find hundreds of deceased cousins for whom you can do temple ordinances.

This is a family history strategy for members of the LDS church who think their “family history work is done” to find hundreds of deceased cousins for whom they can do temple ordinances. Many have found this strategy as a way to always have a plethora of names to take to the temple every time that they do ordinance work.

Essentially the strategy uses Relative Finder to help the individual identify a 8-10th generation ancestor that lived from 1600-1700s. They then click on the ancestor and go to that ancestor’s tree in FamilySearch. Using an app called Hope Chest, that ancestors posterity is scanned for temple opportunities. Hope Chest lists out all of these cousins who need their temple work done. All that is left is for the individual to verify those cousin’s information with record hints in FamilySearch, and reserve the cousin’s temple ordinances. This strategy is outlined as follows:

Strategy Diagram

This strategy is explained in a 2-part series. Part 1 (12:57 minutes) outlines some one-time setup steps that are needed to use this strategy. Part 2 (55:56 minutes) explains the theory behind the strategy and how to actually go about it. The second video is meant to be paused and referred back to as often as needed. The printed handout and PowerPoint slides can also be downloaded for reference at the links below each video.

Part 1: One-time Setup

LHF Part 1

Part 1: Handout | Slides

Part 2: Cousin Finding Strategy

LHF Part 1

Part 2: Handout | Slides